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My name is Taly Noy-Meir.

I am a creator, a musician and a business coach for Artists.

I make jewelry from cryastal stones and Hag Stones.

Every stone is to me a perfect creation of mother earth (or God if you like), and I try to bring out their natural beauty, in the most minimalistic design. I use mostly natural and always top quality materials.
My interest in crystal stones began as a hobby, and a personal healing process. Then I looked for ways to carry them around with me, and began to make crystal pendants wrapped with Sterling silver wires and waxed cotton cords, decorated with matching naturals stone beads. when I had too many of my own, I started giving them as gifts to friends and family. I just couldnt stop there – the love to the stones only increased, so I decided to start selling them – So here I am.
Lately I added to my creations natural Hag stones found on the beaches of Israel.

You can order made jewelry or personally designed for you

To purchase my jewelry

Send me an email: talynoymeir@gmail.com or What app 972-54-9453070

please visit me on instagram for latest designs: https://www.instagram.com/talynoymeir/